About Me
Founder and Executive Director Victory House Pensacola, FL. Present Marketing Director Beneficial Marketing Associates. Specializing in advertising, marketing, merchandising, lead generation, list building, sales conversion, social media marketing, SMS applications, and company surveys and audits.

In today's marketing arena sales strategies must be refined incessantly in order to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs. We must have web and social presence to showcase our offers and communicate with our customers. We must be unique and stand out in the crowd and we must offer compelling incentives to get customers to buy from us instead of our competitors - and we must provide exceptional customer service.

My ReferAssociates.com membership site provides access to resources and tools for reaching out to today’s sophisticated consumer. It presents up-to-date traffic and lead generation methods, free training, and features some of the best free and low-cost methods for the beginner as well as the experienced marketer to build their business. Members can access the $500 "Internet Marketing Make Money Online Training Course" with 22 Ebooks and 5 hours of video training, all with private label rights - for free.

Marketers perform a most valuable service. Everything we possess was acquired thru marketing efforts. I am proud to be affiliated with this industry. Feel free to contact me for a chat, and perhaps we can even do some business together!

David Lee
Refer Associates

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