Traffic Browser Makes Surfing Super Fast!
Nathan Gurley | December, 04 2017 06:27 PM | Comments Comments (4)
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4 Comments on Traffic Browser Makes Surfing Super Fast!:
December, 04 2017 11:14 PM
Hi Carolyn, On the left side of the Traffic Browser, you will see two tabs: TE Groups and TE Accounts. In TE Accounts, you will search for the Traffic Exchange you want to surf, highlight it, enter your Username, Password, Referral ID, and rating, and then save it. Or you can sign up from there as well and save after. Next you will go to TE Groups. The traffic exchages that you have saved your information in will appear in the Master SurfList below. You will find one you want to surf, and hit the green, up arrow to add it to the current list. Continue this for others you want to surf. You can name this group and save it if you will surf this group regularly. If not, simply click "Launch Group" and they should load up and login for you. Hope that helps, NathanG
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