The Differences between Healthy Families and Dysfunctional Families
John Harrison | December, 01 2017 | Comments Comments (0)
The following article is written by a woman.  So, when she speaks of the mom, she is not being disrespectful to woman.  However, I feel that the message is true to both fathers and moms.  If you are a father, replace the word mom with dad.  Make it personal and see if you are doing what she is talking about.  We all need to be better moms and dads.The Differences between H...
8 Kind Of Jobs You Should Avoid At All Costs
John Harrison | November, 30 2017 | Comments Comments (0)
In a nation where graduate unemployment levels are continually on the ascendancy and where there is intense competition for the relatively few jobs on the job market, many are tempted to pursue and accept virtually any job offer. Many scramble for all kinds of jobs without giving thought to the potential hazards associated with such jobs and many other such factors. Education and experie...
How to Find Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Income Online
John Harrison | November, 22 2017 | Comments Comments (0)
As the popularity of earning extra income online increases, many internet users are becoming more and more interested to be a part of these extra income ventures. Unfortunately, not all ideas are legitimate and as a result, some people who are trying to earn extra income do fall prey to the scammers. To help you find legitimate ways to earn extra income online here are some tips so th...

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