Mail examples you can use in TeListBuilder
Mats Jacobson | February, 09 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
Inspired by one of our webinars I started to create two mail templates. One welcome mail and one for those subscribers that by any reason didn't verify their mail when signing up for the autoresponder messages.I also got two lines of the webinar which are so important:How can I help You?How can I add value for people?Subject: Welcome to TeListBuilder "NAME"Welcome to TeListBuilder "NAME". I'm Mats...
My Computer Came To a Complete Stop.
Mats Jacobson | February, 03 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
It was yesterday and the computer went slower and slowerand at the end completely stopped working.So big panic and thousands of questions what could be wrong.Hardware failure with all the possible fail, hard disk crash,memory, graphics card, power supply, CPU cooling?Program conflict, driver problem? And endless flow of possiblethings going wrong.But I was lucky. When surfing I saw in the action b...

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