Exciting News at Tornado Traffic
Steven Ackerman | March, 19 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
Hello Fellow Marketers,Tornado Traffic has exciting news!Today is the beginning of our very first PromoSlice Event!It is a 3 day event with Krazy Exchange, Sotuk Traffic, Redline TE, Traffic PI and of course Tornado Traffic.There are 4 Grand Prizes of $1.03 each and a shared prize pool of $4.12 for all participants. Completing the promo will give you share from the pool, complete it more times and...
Do You Need Website Traffic?
Steven Ackerman | November, 10 2017 | Comments Comments (0)
Hello Fellow Marketers,I am sure many of you are familiar with traffic exchanges(TE). These sites are a great way to get advertising to your website.Basically,this is how they work. When you look at, or surf, other people's websites you earn credits that you can use to show others your website. Depending on the traffic exchange and your level of upgrade you can earn anywhere from 0.25 credits per ...

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