This is My Now Lifestyle
Jason Stewart | April, 12 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
My Now LifestyleSo before I found this company I really let myself go to be honest with you. I was lazy and all I wanted to do is eat junk food. I also hated working out as well because of my bad back. So I hopped on the scale one day and I was almost 300lbs. That scared the shit out of me. So I knew I had to change something and needed to do it fast. So I was looking for a solution to help m...
Diets Don't Make it Harder than it really is
Jason Stewart | November, 30 -0001 | Comments Comments (0)
Don't Make It Harder Than It Really IsSo many people make Diets harder than they really are for some reason. All you have to do is eat better and cut out sugar and some carbs and watch the weight fall off. My tip is up your preteen and Fiber in your everyday routine. Then do some workouts that don't take up a ton of time. The program I'm going to show you is so simple my 6 year old can d...

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