Why is it important to build trust with your list?
Jason Stewart | April, 06 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
Why Is it Important to Build Trust With Your List?Well think about this. How many times have you put your email into someones capture page and never heard from them personally? (I know I have) I just wanted direction on how to make money from home and someone to work with. I'm know that's the same for so many people.So you have capture pages or splash pages that convert well to get your leads now ...
Why Didn't I worry about my list?
Jason Stewart | April, 04 2018 | Comments Comments (0)
Why Didn't I Worry About My Email List?I thought as long as I had an autoresponder setup it would do the selling for me. I sure was wrong about that. It takes time to build trust with people. People aren't going to just buy because they seen that shinny AD you just posted. They want a person to work with. My Advise is to just be you and talk with your list and share something with them that c...

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